Men's Rowing

The Panthers prep for a competitive race ahead.

Sunday, April 9, Florida Tech Men’s Rowing Varsity 8+ traveled to Fairfax Station, Virginia to compete at the Occoquan River Invitational. Up against many D1 schools, Tech had great opportunities up North.

Opening the day against Drexel, the Panthers finished with a time of 7:07.0 behind Drexel’s winning time of 6:52.43. As a result, Florida Tech faced Holy Cross, Jacksonville, Marietta, and St. Joe’s in the afternoon’s Consolation final race. 

During this race, the Panthers’ experienced difficulties within the boat. The craft had to be pulled out of the water for 45 minutes in order to be repaired before restarting the race. 

Once the race began again, the Panthers started at a slow pace, but eventually crept up and started passing other teams. Tech reached the front of the group and began to pick up speed towards the end of the race.

Holy Cross ended up taking the lead in the final stretch with a time of 6:56.9 to win the race. Florida Tech finished second with a time of 6:58.8. Marietta, Jacksonville, and St. Joe’s followed behind. 

Below is the Varsity 8+ group that competed for the Panthers this past weekend:


Coxswain - Ben Komita

Stroke - Thomas Francis

7 - Jaden Krekow

6 - Domantas Marocka

5 - Justas Kuskevicius

4 - Luca Janus

3 - Joshua Navarro

2 - Arnedas Kelmelis

Bow - Jackson Moore

The next competition for Florida Tech Men Rowing is on April 15-16 for the SIRA Regatta in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 


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