Florida Tech students are upset with the transition from varsity to club status after Florida Tech’s decision to revoke the varsity status of five teams. Every member of those sports were affected, especially this year's freshman, who had to deal with the effects of these changes while having no previous experiences with the team.

David Adler, a sophomore studying Aviation Management with Flight, is a member of the cross country club, which he said, “can no longer compete in the Sunshine State Conference or any of their regional or national meets on the NCAA level.” 

According to Adler, they were planning on attending a meet in a different state but no longer can. He said that they now no longer have access to athletic trainers, which is a problem for them as injuries come up a lot.

Bryson Haner, a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering, is also a part of the cross country club. He said that being able to run in college was a main reason he came to Florida Tech. 

“When I committed here for [cross country], I found out they cut the sports and it sent me down a spiral,” Haner said. He said he believes the commitment from other people is not there as other freshmen had already dropped out of the club or haven’t attended as many practices, which he believes limits the team's ability to win and go on.

Jaden Krekow, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science, was a member of the men’s rowing team, and said he had to stop rowing because now that the team is no longer varsity, he would no longer be exempt from other events that he is required to be at.

He said that the transition from varsity to club level makes it impossible to recruit new athletes since they no longer get funding from the school anymore. 

Krekow added that the team has a notable percentage of world class level international students, and so not being able to provide scholarships to incoming athletes like them is a deterrent for Florida Tech.

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