Earth Day takes place on Monday, April 22, but students this year began their celebrations early when Easter Sunday and weekend festivities sparked inspiration.

As the semester comes to an end and students approach their finals with projects and studying, procrastinating from academia for the purpose of celebrating not only Easter but Earth Day as well was popular this past weekend.

With weather and climate being a major concern and issue among controversial topics, celebrating Earth Day has become more important as environmental protection calls for more attention.

Throughout the week, students from SOSA, the Student Organization for Sustainability Action, set up tents outside of Crawford and helped people walking by learn about proper waste maintenance and sustainability.

Taylor Greene, a junior sustainability major, is the vice president of SOSA and believes that a little effort can go a long way.

“Earth Day is big for spreading awareness,” Greene said. “I think if everyone made a small effort to care more about the environment, there would be huge improvements.”

Becoming environmentally conscious was an overlying theme for the weekend as students openly expressed their love for all plants, trees, grass and even weeds.

Small efforts such as picking weeds from a flower bed, even if only grams at a time, could help the environment and make the world a prettier place.

Residence Life Sustainability Committee began growing a garden in 2017 that provided helpful sustainability practices for students to learn about as a part of campus life.

However, caring about the Earth remains a high priority to this day.

To be blunt, the situation regarding climate change and controversy has been messy.

Climate change scientists have conducted studies since the 1960s when Exxon hired the teams to study the environment.

Due to rising carbon emissions and insufficient waste management, there has been an elevated sense of urgency and people feel more compelled to improve the damages to the planet as awareness spreads.

Joint efforts from the public and corporations are growing, and companies like Patagonia are growing popularity for their efforts made towards conservation and sustainability.

Going into Easter weekend with excitement for Earth Day made Saturday, April 20 feel like a holiday on its own.

Students were blazing with excitement, grinding out their frustrations and unifying their passion, making steps to a better Earth and creating awareness for a sustainable environment.

However, environmental talk without action is just blowing smoke.

The Earth may have a chronic problem, and deciding what is best for the Earth can be difficult when people debate so much about what is best for ourselves.

The definition of “healthy” should not be subjective, and while the Earth has no personal doctor, it is up to us to decide a necessary prescription for the most positive outcome, and create an Earth that people would want to marry.

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