This time, I want to talk about how cool it is that we live on the Space Coast. 

Yes, we’re basically the cutoff point before the Treasure Coast, but how cool is it that we can go anywhere in the city, sometimes literally our own backyard, and be afforded the ability to watch space engines launch? 

I can marvel all day about how we’re living out our ancestors' wildest dreams by sending these things out into space. I’m feeling very spacey recently after a bright flash appeared in the night sky, before whisking off into blue horizon.

Recently, I was standing on the field behind Brownlie Hall looking back towards campus, observing the sky. I saw the bright orange flare show up for a couple seconds and seemingly zip off into the night, Jetsons style.

I thought to myself, “Alright man get your head on straight, maybe a bird flew into the power line that gave off one of those quick electrical surges. Yeah, I mean there’s just nothing else to it!”

As I walked over toward the area in where the bright light showed up, I looked up and down Country Club Road, noticing how eerily quiet it was for 9:45 on a Monday night. I realized outside in that area at the time. I started getting in my head about this strange light as I saw that every power line in the area where the light flashed was perfectly fine. 

Did I encounter extraterrestrial life? Was it a UFO?

The news informed me it was merely the start of meteor shower season.

While all of that anticipation turned out to be anticlimactic, it got me thinking about the beauty behind space and how we get to observe this beauty from our little beach town. 

Like I mentioned before, we are living in an age beyond our ancestors’ wildest dreams. Now, Florida Tech students are accomplishing these dreams.

How lucky are we to live on the Space Coast?

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