Florida Tech students have seen many upgrades to buildings around campus this summer, and the players on the lacrosse team are no exception.

The Panther lax players team locker room will soon be relocated to Grissom Hall, next to the FITV studio.

The old locker room in the Varsity Training Center, once shared with the football team, was a tight fit, housing both athletic programs.

James Aulicino, the senior project manager of Florida Tech facilities construction and renovation, played a role in the new location for the lacrosse locker room.

“It was a necessity for the lacrosse team to have their own home field locker room,” Aulicino said.

There are connections between FITV and the lacrosse team, which lead to an open-armed welcome.

More specifically, FITV worked with the lacrosse team prior to the move-in.

The film club collaborated on the documentary “On the Prowl” that some lacrosse players put together.

“We were planning on making the space of the old ELS classroom into an extension of our current studio, or possibly even a rehearsal stage area since the Grissom basement is the location of all media related activities on campus,” said Brett Twery a senior in biomedical engineering and the president of FITV. “I, personally, am very welcoming to the idea of lacrosse moving in.”

Even with a group of athletes next door, Twery said he believes any future issues will be resolved.

“It’s no secret that walls in the basement are pretty thin and that the rooms are relatively close, so there is a possibility that these factors could come into play,” Twery said. “But we’re confident the men’s lacrosse team will work closely with us in solving any concerns that may arise.”

According to Aulicino, Grissom Hall was an obvious choice for the new locker room.

“It was big enough to support the number of players; it has a shower and two restrooms that are getting renovated to suit their needs,” Aulicino said. “And it has the media equipment set up for reviewing practices and games, which is in the office right across the hall.”

Although FITV has not confirmed any use of their equipment by the lacrosse team, Twery said he will be in contact with them very soon.

Aulicino said he believes the locker room will impact the team in a positive way.

“The locker room will give the team their own identity and self pride of having a home of their own–a home where they can come together as a team and really feel good about themselves,” Aulicino said.

“A home where they can celebrate their wins, decorate with all their accomplishments for future Panthers to come and visit.” Aulicino also said he wanted not only himself but also his teammates to be happy, and for the team to have a tighter bond. “I feel blessed that I have a small part in building this for them,” Aulicino said. “This locker room will be a perfect fit.”

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