Florida Tech’s Student Counseling Center encourages you to check-in with your sleep, both in quality and quantity, as it is incredibly important for academic performance, physical/mental health, and overall well-being.

Lack of sleep can have negative impacts, such as lack of alertness, impaired memory, greater likelihood of accidents and injuries, increased relationship stress, and decreased quality of life, all of which can be naturally remedied through various healthy sleep habits. 

Seven to nine hours of sleep per night are recommended for adults. Woah, that sounds nice right?! 

It can be difficult to consistently hit the recommended mark for sleep during your college career, especially when we have major assignments, projects, and tests for which you need to prepare. However, research shows that one of the strongest contributors to a great night of sleep is consistency in your bedtime routine and the amount of sleep you give yourself.

Therefore, it is good practice to be mindful of what your sleep schedule currently looks like and adjusting it so that you are going to sleep and waking up at similar times every day, even on “off” days (e.g., weekends). 

Additionally, a calming sleep environment is essential to getting a good night sleep. Can you imagine trying to go to sleep with bright lights and people talking/laughing? This essentially describes your TV and phone. 

Practice creating an environment that is dark, quiet, and relaxing and engaging in activities that can help your mind/body calm down for the night. For example, it can be helpful to make sure that you regularly exercise and eat well; turn your devices on “silent” and reduce your screen time about 30 minutes to an hour before bed; and take a warm shower, drink non-caffeinated herbal tea, lightly stretch, and/or listen to a mindfulness for sleep app close to your scheduled bedtime. 

Please remember, everyone is different in what physically/emotionally helps them to feel better; therefore, we encourage you to practice these habits, see what works best for you, and then adjust as needed to your unique person.

Over time, these habits will help your mind/body associate specific times, environments, and activities to the act of sleep, making it more natural and easier for you to get your much needed “Zzzs.”

To learn more about healthy sleeping habits, please review the Division of Student Life’s “Importance of Sleep” Brochure sponsored by Florida Tech’s Counseling Center, Health Center, and Student Wellness. 

If you find yourself in need of additional support, please reach out for help! The Health Center and Student Counseling Center are here for you! 

Holzer Health Center – 321-674-8078

Student Counseling Center – 321-674-8050

Be the healthiest Florida Tech Panther you can be!

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