Many people enjoy helping others.

Aside from altruistic feelings, helping in the form of random acts of kindness, volunteering or civic service can keep you feeling engaged and connected with people in the community.

In many ways, helping others can lead to helping oneself in that it provides an opportunity to shift focus outward rather than dwelling inward on negative or self-critical thoughts.

Things like community service or volunteering can

also help build your resume and network.

Afterall, you never know who might have a connection that can help you out professionally or even personally.

Helping others can be as simple as offering to help a fellow student study.

It can also involve a larger commitment, such as regular volunteering commitments or donations.

Any way that you help, large or small, can have rippling effects on the community and on yourself.

This week consider ways in which you can reach out to help others.

Make time for a simple phone call or message to a peer who seems down.

Stop to hold the door open for a stranger.

Donate items to those in need.

Or, give your time and skills to a larger cause, such as mentoring or other forms of service.

You can also find new ways to get involved through visiting the Office of Civic Engagement’s website: www.

Helping others also involves acknowledging and accepting help ourselves.

If you are in need of support, reach out to friends, family or others within the community, such as an instructor, advisor, supervisor and/or clergy.

Consider seeking professional help as well.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) can help students learn how to work through life’s challenges, heal emotional pain and develop the necessary skills to lead healthy and balanced lives … and help you get back to helping those around you.

For more information regarding CAPS’ services and support, drop by our center, call us or visit our website.

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