Earth Week at Florida Tech: a celebration of our pale blue dot of a planet; the only home we’ve ever known. This is important not just to Florida Tech, but to all of mankind. 

But why is Earth Week, and especially Earth Day, so important? 

We commemorate Earth Day to raise awareness for the environment and the dangers our biosphere faces. At Florida Tech, we also celebrate Earth Day, 50 years after the holiday was established, in our own unique way. 

Remaining Events

April 20: Relaxation is important. Head for a session of Yoga in the Botanical Garden, so that way, you can relax and be one with nature. 

April 21: Climate Change Strike, in which students will strike for climate change to call for Florida Tech to take action. 

Earth Day, April 22: Trivia! Complete with recycling, a red list of animals and facts about climate change. 

April 23: Friday DIY Day

April 24: To conclude Earth week, there will be a campus-wide cleanup with free food for the students on offer. Runs from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

From campus cleanups to events like Paint the Campus Green and Meatless Monday, we look to celebrate the Earth - our home. Carl Sagan once said that the Earth was a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. That gives us every reason to take care of our pale blue dot. And that, one would say, is worth fighting for.

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