Security cars

Florida Tech security cars parked outside of the security office on campus.

Today State Attorney Phil Archer decided not to file criminal charges against a Florida Tech security guard and Melbourne police officer after reviewing the investigation following the on-campus shooting of a student in December. 

Alhaji Sow, 18, was killed in an officer involved shooting after he lunged at them with scissors. Police received several calls from students about Sow’s erratic behavior around campus that night.

Archer’s letter stated that the use of deadly force was justified because evidence from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation showed that the officers were acting in self-defense.

Additionally, the letter stated that Sow was under the influence of LSD during the night of the incident.

The letter identified Carlos Garcia as the Florida Tech security officer involved in the shooting but did not name the police officer.

Wes Sumner, vice president of executive communications, stated that Garcia is still on administrative leave.

Melbourne Police Department’s public information officer confirmed that Anthony Davis was the police officer on the scene as stated in Florida Today’s story.

The Melbourne Police Department is beginning an administrative review of the incident, as stated in their own press release.

Sumner stated in an email, “While today’s announcement brings some clarity to what happened on December 3 of last year, this was a terribly tragic incident for all involved. We again extend our deepest sympathies to the family of our student, Alhaji Sow, and all those impacted by what occurred.”



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