Nunez Student Justice

Pavel Nunez was appointed as a student justice this semester. 

Pavel Nunez, a junior in pre-law studies, took his seat as a student justice on Florida Tech Student Government Association’s student court earlier in the semester. This leaves four out of the six seats on the student court open.

“In the past few years we had issues getting justices,” Rosie Red, the president of Florida Tech Student Government Association, said. “Obviously, it is an important position but not well known.”

Members of SGA gathered in a Zoom meeting on Feb. 24 to vote 29-year-old Nunez onto the student court.

Red nominated Nunez for the student justice position after he requested to be considered for it. 

He received his confirmation for the position a week later.

Red said she believes students aren't as interested in the justice position because the judicial branch of SGA doesn’t make as many decisions as other branches. 

The judicial branch handles all tasks concerning documentation. If there were a case of impeachment in the student government, the student justices would lead the process.

As a student justice, Nunez will serve as a member of the University Disciplinary Committee. 

Red said she believes that a low number of student justices will not affect Florida Tech negatively.

“I believe there are so many unfulfilled student court positions because not many students have been actively participating in student life this semester,” Dania Saleh, the Pre-Law Society president, said.

Saleh was a supporter of Nunez during his nomination as student justice.

To fill those empty positions, Saleh suggested reaching out to all student-run organizations for candidate recommendations.

Nunez is very passionate about law, and a fan of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's philosophy.

“Someone asked [Breyer] ‘how can everyday citizens make democracy work?’” Nunez quoted. “His answer was pretty simple. He said to participate.”

Nunez views his position as student justice as a way to participate.

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