A new idea in the Signature Programs Committee of SGA could see students, and potentially faculty, paying their first parking ticket in the future through community service rather than money. 

Tilghman Kaline, committee chair of the Signature Programs Committee, is heading the development of a new program called, “Orange is the New Crimson.”

“[it is] this community service program that we want to implement so the students can participate in community service in order to pay off parking tickets that they might get on campus,” according to Kaline.  

As of right now, the program is in its early stages of planning and development, as it doesn’t have an hour to dollar conversion yet and still needs to go through Civic Engagement, the Appeals Committee and the Security Department, according to Kaline.  

Kaline also stated that they’ve agreed that the program should only be available as an alternative to the first ticket received because they don’t want the system to be abused. 

He also said that the committee is working on getting all of the details sorted out and getting an approval from Civic Engagement and the Appeals Committee before presenting the idea to Security. 

Kaline’s current plans for the program could see the program be expanded to faculty in the future if it is implemented, but for now he says that the next step is to start setting up meetings with the applicable departments to get an okay from them.

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