Florida Tech students’ lock their doors, pepper spray in hand, making sure not to walk home alone at night. The recent Idaho murders in November struck havoc across the country, leading to increased awareness on college campuses. 

The brutal murder of the four students at the University of Idaho struck fear across the country. Throughout the investigation, parents and students across the country were on edge. 

One feature at Florida Tech that helps with campus safety is the blue light system. One touch of a button on the stand leads a security guard to come instantly to the location. 

“I am extra concerned about my surroundings daily on campus since the incident and think that security, more than ever, is important. I tend to walk around with other people and not alone, just in case,” Kajsa Ekstrom, an international student at Florida Tech, said.

Ekstrom is from Sweden. She emphasized that the Idaho murders were even talked about where she is from. The magnitude of which these murders brought to parents from all over was substantial. 

“My mom checks in on me now more than ever, even with the time difference, to ensure I am okay,” Ekstrom said. 

The incident that occurred in Idaho has made students become more aware of their surroundings and educated about the safety resources on campus. 

“After learning about Idaho murders, it makes me very concerned about the students here at Florida Tech. I also take security more seriously and have been more aware of my residents’ safety and overall concerns,” Savannah Oxley, a residence assistant at Florida Tech, said. 

As an RA, Oxley’s role in the community is to help ensure safety and demonstrate the resources available for students from her residential hall. 

“Recently, being a part of the residence assistants, we have noticed that more security guards are going in and out of the residential halls at night,” Oxley said. 

Florida Tech was just one of many schools impacted by the tragic event. Ensuring that safety, knowledge and resources are readily available for students is vital in maintaining a safe environment. 

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