Each semester, there are a variety of student-driven events on campus. One such example is the end of year concerts performed by the music program. Now, those involved with these concerts want to get the word out about them.

Florida Tech offers a variety of different music groups for students on campus to participate in if they are interested. At the end of each semester, several of these groups will perform live on campus.

The groups that perform during concert season are the String Orchestra, the Wind Ensemble, the Choir, and the Jazz Band. 

Concert season officially starts on Nov. 30, with the String Ensemble. Then the Wind Ensemble on Dec. 1, the Choir on Dec. 2, and the Jazz Band on Dec. 3. All concerts begin at 7 p.m. and are performed at the Gleason Performing Arts Center.

All Florida Tech students may attend the concerts free of charge, with each show lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

The concerts promise a diverse set of songs and experiences between the different shows. Joseph Montelione, the director of the music program at Florida Tech, highlights the fun that can be had at the performances: 

“Attending a band concert where everyone on stage majors in something other than music is a unique experience not to be missed.”

Students involved work diligently, practicing all throughout the semester to ensure that the concerts are a fun time for those who attend. 

Benoit Glazer, Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba’s music director and future Florida Tech collaborator, stresses the importance of music and how it can help foster a stronger sense of community:

“It’s hard to quantify the impact of music within a community but something happens when people get interested in the arts and get together in the same place. It’s a unique experience.”

Those interested in potentially being a part of these groups can reach out to Montelione. Instruments are provided by the programs at no cost, and auditions are held at the start of each semester. 

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